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Innovation/Application: iCubate

Dr. Jian Han and his team are gearing up to launch a revolutionary diagnostic tool developed within the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.  As Han explains, the iCubate system will allow for faster, more accurate diagnoses and improved, personalized treatments.

HudsonAlpha thanks partners

As we begin our third year since the institute opened its doors, the HudsonAlpha leadership and staff gratefully acknowledges the partners who have supported our programs. With their help, we have been able to make great strides in our mission of genomic research, educational outreach and economic development.


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Institute launches "Partners of Progress" volunteer program

Nearly 30 future volunteers turned out for the institute's first-ever volunteer workshop.  Earlier this month, these 'Partners of Progress' learned more about HudsonAlpha's three-fold mission of genomic research, educational outreach and economic development.  They also enjoyed an extensive tour of the 270,000 square foot facility.