Education Programs

BioTrain is the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology’s internship program.  We are excited to provide a variety of opportunities within BioTrain that reach out to high school through PhD students and grant experiences as diverse as marketing and business strategy to in-depth laboratory research. This is a competitive program offered to students.  Fund a BioTrain intern.

HudsonAlpha proudly partners with Sci-Quest, Wallace Sate Community College, Snead State Community College and Columbia State Community College to offer both middle and high school age appropriate biotechnology-focused summer camp opportunities. With three levels of summer camp offerings, we provide an experience that is both educational and fun regardless of prior knowledge in genetics and biotechnology. Fund a specific camper or the overall program.

Biotech 101 is an ongoing series developed by Dr. Neil Lamb, director of educational outreach for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Each lesson is designed to help each of us understand biotechnology basics and the tools and technologies that improve quality of life.  Support Biotech 101 and other community outreach programs.

HudsonAlpha educational kits are high quality genetics and biotechnology-related laboratory activities for students made by students.  As an added feature, links to one or more career profiles that work within the topic of that activity in the state of Alabama are included.

Educational kits are available for middle and high school, as well as undergraduate biology and genetics courses.  Kits are designed and created by HudsonAlpha educators in residence, BioTrain interns and with the support of the HudsonAlpha educational outreach team. Fund a BioTrain intern or a specific Educational Kit.

Featured Kits:

Institute staff members create and present training sessions for leaders from the state departments of education and teachers from throughout the region. These sessions are done at HudsonAlpha, either in person or by using our distance learning capabilities to reach the entire state.

By reaching out to regional educators, institute staff effectively and efficiently touch thousands of students. Support the GTAC teacher academy. 

The HudsonAlpha biotechnology educator in residence program allows a high school science teacher to take a one year professional leave from the classroom to become immersed in the research and corporate sides of biotechnology at HudsonAlpha. As he or she works with institute scientists and local biotech business leaders, the educator in residence will gain a deeper understanding of biotechnology and its application.

The educator in residence will also assist HudsonAlpha’s education outreach team in developing and evaluating new activities for students at the K-16 levels. He or she will also help create biotechnology professional development classes for fellow teachers. Sponsor the Educator-in-Residence.