Digital Education

Digital Education from HudsonAlpha offers three exciting tools



HudsonAlpha offers three digital education resources to students, teachers and the public: the Progress of Science timeline, GenomeCache® and HudsonAlpha iCell®.

The Progress of Science timline is available online at and links biology, discovery and human culture. From domesticating the first animals used for food to creation of the first self-replicating synthetic bacteria, the Progress of Science links history with scientific discovery. Biotechnology combines concepts from several branches of science, including genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and information technology. Although a cutting-edge field, it has roots that stretch back to the dawn of civilization. Across the centuries, its history can be traced in many thousands of stories of discovery. A sampling of those is on the timeline. Browse the discoveries, connect them with world events of the time and trace the formation of new ideas and theories.

GenomeCache® and its associated website, allow anyone to create up to 20 walkable paths that explore the human genome. GenomeCache is available for Apple devices on iTunes here. GenomeCache allos you to experinece and learn more abou the human genome through clues, fun facts and trivia questions.

HudsonAlpha in partnership with Digital Radiance has developed HudsonAlpha iCell® for the the entire line of Apple products including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; the Android Marketplace, and the Windows 8 Store. You can download the App in any format from or by searching for iCell in the relevant app store on your device.