During the last twenty-five years the field of genetics and biotechnology have undergone expansion, powered by our understanding of DNA and how fragments of genetic code may be analyzed, combined and exploited. Building on these advances, the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Alabama was created to link biotechnology-related research, economic development and education.

HudsonAlpha's Educational Outreach program annually reaches over 150,000 individuals. We have partnered with the Alabama Department of Education to integrate inquiry-based activities into classrooms and place well-designed digital applications onto student computers and handheld devices. Through a series of intensive professional development opportunities, we are equipping educators to incorporate the newest scientific discoveries into daily lessons. An engaging series of middle school student camps and a highly respected summer student intern program broadens the pipeline for workforce development and a popular public seminar series is transforming our community into one of the most genetically literate in America.

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Summer 2014 opportunity for Alabama life science teachers

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